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Our Channels
Channel 5 (Public Access Television)

Public = Speak
HPATV staff assists individuals and groups to produce their own television show, both live and taped. Training is provided in planning, scripting, and filming shows as well as in the use of camera, audio, video, and editing equipment. Some producers film weekly shows; others produce specials which are shown when they are completed on Channel 5.

Channel 95 (Educational Access Television)

Educational = Learn
Most shows aired on Channel 95 are prepared and scheduled by staff. Shows include regular Board of Education meetings, school events, and education programs. Also, shows with an educational focus produced by federal and state agencies or individuals in the community are aired on Channel 95.

Channel 96 (Government Access Television)

Government = Know
HPATV Staff, the City of Hartford, and the Hartford Public Library work together to produce the shows that are aired on Channel 96. Shows include workshops and seminars, interviews, press conferences, ground breakings and ribbon cuttings, as well as activities and events taking place in Hartford. HPATV provides live coverage of City Council meetings and public hearings and tapes and airs committee meetings. Also, shows about State and Federal government issues or activities that are produced elsewhere are aired on Channel 96.